The Bitcoin Tide is Turning

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Bitcoin market conditions change amid whale buying, short squeeze, and bullish news developments Quick take; Bitcoin market conditions are changing as whales purchase below $30k and a huge short squeeze follows Positive news is beginning to have a greater impact on upside price movements, indicating that Bitcoin is entering more bullish market conditions There is still significant hurdles to be overcome if Bitcoin is to reclaim record highs but the… Read More »The Bitcoin Tide is Turning

Wall Street market cycle chart

Bitcoin Market Cycle Current Stage

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Should you buy the dip or sell the denial? Quick take; Despite bullish developments, the bearish medium-term market dynamics persist Investors appear to be in a state of denial with widespread proclamations of HODL Anticipating further downside movements before bullish market dynamics return Disclaimer: Nothing in this piece is financial advice. It is strictly educational information. Take responsibility for your own financial decisions. We work with top-5 derivatives exchange ByBit… Read More »Bitcoin Market Cycle Current Stage

Foundational Market Analysis Concepts

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Core Concepts I Have Found Valuable After Years of Market Analysis Disclaimer: The information presented does not represent financial or investment advice. You are responsible for your own financial decisions. Read the full disclaimer here. Subscribe here for updates. Earlier this month, I announced that I will experiment with releasing a monthly newsletter reporting on market movements. Personally, I have been involved in the markets since leaving college, spending a… Read More »Foundational Market Analysis Concepts

The Nature of Cryptocurrency Markets

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An analysis of three trend-based strategies Quick take; Emerging markets are more speculative and trend-driven in nature given the absence of robust frameworks to value them As markets mature, prices become increasingly driven by fundamentals-based models A number of trend-based strategies based on past data have managed to outperform bitcoin long and hold positions In light of recent price increases and “when moon?” midnight messages, it is worthwhile doing a… Read More »The Nature of Cryptocurrency Markets