Where Art Thou Hash Rate Bitcoin?

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Exploring the latest research and news of the crypto world Tether and Bitfinex have been brought back into the spotlight as the New York Attorney General sues the company behind both businesses. The hash rate of the Bitcoin network strangely drops despite the price increasing. More statistical significance found from studies completed by the Messari team. Key Takeaways; A potential upcoming ban on cryptocurrency mining in China may be spurring… Read More »Where Art Thou Hash Rate Bitcoin?

The Nature of Crypto Cycles

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Examining the latest research and news of the crypto world Since our last newsletter, a lot has happened in the world of crypto. A treasure hunt for $1 million bitcoin has kicked, Bitcoin Cash SV seems to be spiralling out of control, and research looking into the nature of crypto cycles was published by Binance Reseach. We cover all of this and more. Key Takeaways: Bitmex partners with Trading Technologies in… Read More »The Nature of Crypto Cycles